Thursday, August 21, 2014

Making My List

My donation boxes were picked up this morning. It's nice to get them out of here so I'm not tempted to take anything back out. 

I am deciding how many pieces to include in my Fall capsule wardrobe, and 35 is sounding good to me. Fall is a transitional season, so I think I will need everything from shorts to sweaters. My first thought on what pieces I will need looks something like this:

Tops - 12

1 tank top
2 t-shirt
3 t-shirt
4 t-shirt
5 long-sleeved t-shirt
6 3/4-sleeved shirt
7 cardigan
8 pullover sweater
button-down shirt

Pants - 5

13 shorts
14 cropped boyfriend jeans - medium-wash
15 cropped boyfriend jeans - dark-wash
16 dark-wash jeans
17 medium-wash jeans

Skirts - 4

18 denim
19 jersey
20 jersey
21 jersey

Dresses - 3

22 jersey wrap
23 jersey 
24 something fancy

Shoes - 4

25 sandals
26 sneakers
27 canvas slip-ons
28 flats

Boots - 3

29 short leather boots
30 rain boots

32 Jacket 

33 Coat 

Wild Cards - 2

I know I will have Jason's fancy-ish workplace holiday party to attend in late November, and I will want a dress that looks great, and shoes to go with it. I'm not sure what to choose yet, so I think I'll leave that open for now. I have some dresses that would be fine for the occasion, but I don't know if they will fit well three months from now. I will allow for the purchase of a dress and/or shoes for the party, if what I already have doesn't work. 

I think the wild card slots might help me get through the first season without cheating. If I really need something, I can add it. If it stays hot throughout September, I may need to add another pair of shorts or a skirt. If it cools off early this year, I may need another sweater, or a flannel shirt. I think these empty slots make the whole project seem more like something I can successfully complete. 

What do you think about this wild card idea? I have noticed that experienced capsule wardrobe-wearers don't even use all their allotted clothing items, let alone save room for extras! I think I will keep track of how many times I use each item and whether or not I really needed so many slots in each category. I have a feeling that it will become easier to dress with less as I get used to it. 

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