Monday, August 25, 2014

What if I Change Sizes During a Season?

I mentioned this briefly in my first post, but I am slowly losing weight after having my second baby. I expect to lose about 10 pounds over the next several months, and then maybe 5-10 more over a longer period of time. After I've lost 10 pounds, I will definitely fit into a smaller size of clothing. 

Do I have to wear baggy clothes until the next season arrives? 


I am setting up my own guidelines for this capsule wardrobe experiment, and none of it is about suffering or settling for clothes that don't fit. Here are my thoughts on what to do if an item of clothing no longer fits (or gets worn out or stained):

* Swap it out! Just donate that item, or cut it into cleaning cloths, or throw it out if it's not usable. Replace it with something that fits (and is in good condition). 

* It makes sense that if I get rid of a pair of pants, I would most likely replace it with another pair of pants to fill that hole in my wardrobe. But, if I have discovered that I actually had too many pants because I am loving wearing skirts and really I could use another top to mix with the skirts, I'm fine with trading pants for a top (or whatever). 

* Are you sensing that my rules are going to be somewhat loosey-goosey? 

Me, too. I feel okay about that because I'm doing this to simplify and to reduce my wardrobe, and I think it should be an experiment that serves me, rather than me strictly following arbitrary rules. Of course, whatever number of clothing items I choose to work with will be somewhat arbitrary. But some aspects will reflect my own needs, logic, self-awareness, and desires. If you want to be more strict, go for it! 

And feel free to call me out if you think I'm not merely adapting the capsule wardrobe concept to suit my own needs, but actually cheating! Our minds resist change and will use all kinds of arguments to convince us that the old way was better. Part of me already wants to abandon this idea and enjoy having tons of clothing in my closet. 

In terms of meditation, that change-resistant, naughty part of our minds is sometimes referred to as "Monkey Mind." The Monkey Mind will try to convince you not to meditate, that it's a waste of time, that really you have so many other things to be doing and you should give up now. I find that my Monkey Mind is at work all over my life (not just when I'm meditating), trying to get me to take the easy way out, to eat more junk food, to skip my workout, etc... I'm sure it will be busy and loud during this capsule wardrobe experiment! I will battle to keep my Monkey Mind under control and stick to the rules I set, as much as possible. 

I may end up tweaking my rules for the Winter Capsule, as I see how it goes with Fall. 

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