Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Why I Am Making A Capsule Wardrobe

I have some progress to share. Here's an in-process photo of my closet. I've sorted through the hanging clothes, and separated the ones that fit me now from the ones that do not. I can easily grab something that I know will fit, which is a relief. I actually tried everything on, and I was surprised that more things fit than I expected. My wearable wardrobe has increased and I am already benefiting from this experiment.

I have several boxes packed up and ready for donation. The charity truck is coming tomorrow morning to pick them up. In those boxes are all kinds of things from around the house, plus the clothing that I've weeded out so far... 

And NINE pairs of shoes! I even let go of a pair of really cute boots that always rubbed and hurt my ankles. I tried on all my boots, and the rest of them fit properly and don't hurt. So the cute, painful ones had to go. It feels a little sad to get rid of something I like, but honestly, I hardly ever wore those because they weren't comfortable - and they were a style that should have been comfortable. I am not willing to suffer through uncomfortable shoes anymore. 

I also want to share my motivation for downsizing my wardrobe. 

Simplifying life. All over the house, I'm trying to think of ways to make things easier. My kids have just reached a new stage of both being more independent, leaving me time to do a little bit more than the bare minimum (keeping us all alive). If I can get things organized and simplified, I think it will be a lot easier to keep things clean and organized. When everything has a place to go, it can be put away much more easily. When there is less stuff, it's a lot easier to find a place for everything. 

If my closet and drawers only contain things that fit, that look good together, and that don't make me look or feel like a slob, getting dressed might be so much more fun and enjoyable. I won't waste as much time trying things on and deciding they don't look right. I won't arrive at a get-together and feel like the least put-together person there. I won't choose an outfit, only to realize that my clothes need to be ironed, mended or are stained - and I have to leave in 5 minutes. With fewer items, I can pay more attention to each one and make sure they are all ready to wear.

Decluttering. I love the idea of a spartan, clean home. Clear surfaces and empty spaces seem so soothing and calm. 

But I am a collector. And I leave books, notebooks, and pens near any chair I sit in. I have crafty works-in-process scattered around the house. I have a lot of cool stuff that I've collected over the years, and sentimental things from forebears. I don't leave a lot of clear surfaces or empty spaces in my house. It's still nice to daydream about living in a space like that. In my decluttering zeal, I aim to keep only the best, most loved things, and to create more empty spaces.    

Whenever I get the urge to sort through everything and minimize my possessions, I always feel so good afterward. I can find everything I need. Everything I have is something good, something I want. I try to get rid of anything that causes guilt (I paid so much for it, I really should use it... but I don't like it = get rid of it!), or has bad memories attached to it (those shoes I was wearing when I tripped and broke my ankle always felt like bad luck charms after that = throw them away! I didn't risk cursing some thrift-shopper who thought they were cute). 

If my closet is decluttered, only the good stuff will be left! I won't have any forgotten clothes hidden in the back, going to waste and going out of style. I'll be able to easily find and use everything I have. 

Upgrading my wardrobe. For me, this doesn't necessarily mean spending much money. I am a casual dresser with a very informal lifestyle. Someday, if I go back to work outside the home, I'll buy appropriate clothes for that job. For now, I want to upgrade in terms of buying clothes that make me feel great (not necessarily expensive clothes). They shouldn't be almost-right or just good-enough-for-now. They should fit well and make me feel confident and happy. I want to get rid of the things that are uncomfortable, unflattering or ill-fitting. My clothing shouldn't ever make me feel badly - it should be fun and make me feel comfortable and cute. 

Those are some thoughts on why I am creating a capsule wardrobe for this fall. I only have a couple weeks until September 1, so I better start deciding on my rules/guidelines! 

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