Monday, September 1, 2014

Fall Capsule: Bottoms and Dresses

These are my Fall Capsule bottoms and dresses. Sheesh, they don't look very exciting. The good thing about plain pants is it's easy to wear them with a lot of different tops. 

Fall Capsule: Bottoms and Dresses

I only included one pair of shorts, and it's still hot here! But I have two pairs of cropped boyfriend jeans, plus a denim skirt. Hopefully those will keep me cool until the weather changes. October and November are unlikely to be hot enough for shorts. 

I have three things to add to this section of the capsule wardrobe: a dress and two skirts. I am in the process of making them. 

These two skirts need new waistbands. I made them with fold-over waists initially, but this fabric does not stretch back very well, so they got saggy right away - just from trying them on. I took off those waistbands and will use that wide elastic shown in the photo instead. 

I'm making this dress using a Colette pattern called Myrtle. I still need to sew the skirt together (easy) and then put in the elastic waist (something new for me to learn). 

Hopefully these will be wearable in a few days and I can add them to my nearly empty gloriously clean and simple closet! 

These three pieces will add some color to my wardrobe. I can also add accessories to change things up. I haven't been wearing much jewelry or other accessories for a few years now. Maybe now that I don't have to waste time trying on clothes to see if anything fits, I can use that time to pick out jewelry. I'm really out of the habit, but it seems kind of fun to put that extra effort into my appearance again. 

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