Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Fall Capsule Update


Fall Capsule Tops

Bottoms & Dresses

Fall Capsule Bottoms & Dresses


Fall Capsule Shoes

Here is my updated fall capsule wardrobe. I removed a couple shirts that were damaged and two that I decided to donate for being unflattering. One pair of jeans is now too big, so I set them aside for gardening or other messy jobs when comfortable jeans are really useful. 

There were a few empty spots in my wardrobe when September began, and I filled those in (mostly - I still have to sew a bit more!) I'll tell you more about each category as the week goes on, but I thought it might be fun to see the whole set in one post (since you couldn't be here with me when I laid out all the clothes on my bed!) 

It's interesting to see them all at once and get a sense of the color scheme and the shapes. I have a lot of grey in this wardrobe, but I think there's enough color mixed in to keep it fun. There are a lot of short-sleeved shirts, but I think I included enough layering pieces to make them work as it gets colder.  

Are you making any updates as the season goes on?

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