Friday, September 26, 2014

Fall Capsule Wardrobe Updates

Update time! I've made some changes and filled some gaps, so let's take a look at what I have to wear now:


Fall Capsule Tops

My style is very casual, and my lifestyle requires clothes with durability, freedom of movement, and stain-resistance. I spend most of my time with my two little kids, playing, running errands, attending kids' activities, and meeting friends. Kids wipe food on their parents, and the dirt from their shoes, and whatever else they touch. I don't want any everyday clothes that need special washing (or dry cleaning!) or fussing. Ironing must be kept to a minimum - I just don't want to spend time on that. 

My two main "uniforms" for fall are:

1) Graphic tees + jeans + sneakers


2) Cozy sweaters + jeans + boots

I think I've got those covered!

Pastel biker jacketI'm trying something new this fall with a faux leather jacket. I hope the zippers won't end up scratching my little boy while I carry him around, and I think he'll like practicing his zipping skills. I ordered this pink jacket from Mangoand it was on backorder so it took over three weeks to arrive... and after all the anticipation, it was too big! I had to send it back. I still love the idea of a pink biker jacket, but I'm not sure I'll reorder since... 

I found this grey one for less than $45! and it fits just right and is very soft. It's a tiny bit longer than the pink one, which I found to be more flattering on me. Here is its link. I also love the color. This season I'm wearing a lot of grey, so it fits right in. 

I tried to get a good mixture of short sleeves, long sleeves, super-casual, and a little bit nicer tops. I'm loving the selection so far.

Bottoms & Dresses

Fall Capsule Bottoms & Dresses

In this category, I still have two unfinished projects. I haven't put the waistband on that grey skirt yet. Maybe this weekend! It shouldn't take too long, once I decide to just do it. 

I'm also making a dress somewhat similar to the striped one shown above. I've been wanting a black and white t-shirt dress or sweater dress or tunic, but I have not found the right thing. So I'm making my own, out of some black and white (not striped) jersey fabric. I've started sewing it, but it needs a lot of fitting and finishing. Again, it shouldn't take too long to finish, if Jason keeps the kids busy for an afternoon this weekend (sometimes easier said than done).

I included a pair of jersey leggings to wear under my in-process dress and maybe with long sweaters. The rest of my pants are jeans. As noted, I'm casual. 


Fall Capsule Shoes

I'm still wearing those sandals on warm days, so I'm glad to have them in my capsule. So far I'm happy with this variety of shoes. Two pairs are currently missing - my chevron Vans were a little too big so I had to send them back to Zappos (and now they're sold out in my size, but I found them on the Vans website). 

I don't have the charcoal boots yet, but I plan to get them as soon as I have the money. I'm stalking them on Amazon and the price is varying wildly, so I'll hope to see the lowest price again. Have you used an Amazon tracking app? There are several different apps, and their whole function is to watch the prices of your chosen items and tell you when it drops to the level you've specified. I'm trying out two different ones to watch those boots. 

What do you think? Is anything missing? 

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