Monday, September 22, 2014

Outfit 22/91: Puffy Shirt, Grey Cardigan, Dark Grey Jeans, Frye Boots

Puffy shirt, grey cardigan, dark grey jeans, and Frye boots.
Layering is working really well right now. This morning it was cold and rainy, but now the sun is out and it feels nicely warm outside. It's easy to adapt to the changing weather if you have a sweater or sweatshirt to add or remove.
While I loved this puffy shirt throughout the summer, I now feel like it's not very flattering on me. I think a different silhouette would be more to my liking, so I'm going to donate that shirt and replace it with something else. 
Do you remember that I already had a few holes in my wardrobe? I've finally received the items that I chose to fill those. I also have a few other things to remove (like that puffy shirt, a shirt that got stained, and one that has paint on it). Last night I dug through my stored clothes and found replacements for the damaged items. I laid out my updated capsule on my bed (that was fun!) and made my final decisions on what to include. I am finishing up the photos to share with you. 

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