Thursday, September 25, 2014

Outfit 25/91: Typewriter Tee, Grey Jeans, Vans Chukkas

Typewriter tee, Grey jeans, and Vans chukka boots. 

My 3-year old keeps trying to figure out what's on my shirt. "Is it a phone?" She has never seen a typewriter. Maybe we should visit an antique store sometime soon (just to look!). I know I had an old typewriter at one time - I used to use it to write a zine! But it was heavy and big to move, and I used to move every year or two. At some point, it must have been left behind. 

The sentimental part of me sometimes feels a twinge of regret over cool old stuff that I used to have, but the minimizer knows: I haven't even thought of that old typewriter for more than 10 years, and I haven't ever missed it. I'm so glad I didn't drag it with me from state to state and apartment to townhome to house. 

I have very rarely regretted getting rid of anything. That's a good thing to remember when I'm decluttering!

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