Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Outfit 30/91: Sweatshirt, Denim Skirt, Ahnu Shoes

Sweatshirt, denim skirt, and Ahnu shoes. 

This fall, I am loving red lipsticks. How about you? The first problem is finding the right shades - how are there a million versions of red? But trying different types is also the fun part. 

The second problem is that my kids' faces end up looking bruised and I'm horrified and stumped for a split second! What happened?? Oh, it's just lipstick. Yeah, I kiss them all the time. If I don't do it enough, my little boy will smoosh his face against my lips, wrap his arms around my head, and hold on for a while, giggling like mad. 

Do you have any favorite red lipsticks?

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