Friday, October 10, 2014

40/91: Green Jersey Dress, Grey Faux Leather Jacket, Frye Boots + Talking About Accessories

Today I'm mixing grey and brown and loving it. I have none of the doubt and sense of wrongness that comes with wearing black and brown together. 

And now let's talk about accessories! I pretty much stopped wearing them when I had babies. I didn't want a baby to be scratched, or to yank out my earrings, or to break a necklace. I also just didn't feel like I had time to spare to think about jewelry or scarves or anything. 

Now that my little boy is 19 months old, I've started wearing a bit of jewelry again. I can't wear any clips in my hair, or bobby pins or anything - my little boy loves to pull them out! But he doesn't mess with earrings or necklaces, so I'm starting there. 

I think an outfit looks more polished and finished when you add some jewelry, and I like feeling more put together! After a few years of wearing the most comfortable clothes I could find (which weren't always the most attractive or flattering), it's nice to balance a desire for comfort with looking a little bit nicer. 

Earrings: studs are great because they brighten up your face and add a little sparkle, and they're so easy to deal with. If they're small enough, you can sleep in them, so you could just choose a pair and stick with them for a week, or until you notice that you want something different. 

How about these silver discs? I don't like the knots, but I love those plain circles. 

A necklace can elevate any outfit. It can even make a t-shirt look a little more sophisticated and thoughtful. 

Dandelion necklace pendant necklace jewelry gift

Bracelets: I want to wear them while I'm still wearing short sleeves. I'm thinking about adding a leather bracelet to my accessories. What do you think?

I like this leather wrap bracelet. It's too expensive for me but looks great. I wonder if I could make something similar myself.  Yep, here's a tutorial on how to copy that bracelet!

And here is a tutorial  on making your own beaded leather wrap bracelets. I think I might try this, too. I'll show you what I make, if I find time to do it. 

I'm also trying out lightweight infinity scarves this fall. A plain shirt and jeans can be the backdrop to a great scarf and make an interesting outfit. 

I'm loving adding on accessories. I can still dress casually and comfortably, but look a little more polished and put together with just a little more effort. 

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