Wednesday, October 15, 2014

45/91: Grey Jersey Shirt, Grey Skirt, Ahnu Shoes + Adding in Sewing Projects

Here's the skirt I made - finally finished! I like this outfit both with the shirt tucked in and with it untucked. And you know I love clothes that work two ways in a capsule wardrobe. 

I'm happy with how that skirt turned out! And thinking about making things to wear, how can I fit more of them into my wardrobe when I'm dressing with a capsule wardrobe? I really like sewing and want to make more jersey dresses, maybe some tunics, and skirts. But I don't want to make them and then be "not allowed" to wear them. 

I was talking to my sister about this subject and we were discussing the idea of starting with a certain number of items in a wardrobe (like my current 40), and then being allowed to add in whatever you make during that season. That way, if you realize that something is missing from your wardrobe, you may not let yourself buy it, but you could make it yourself. 

This idea might be great if you want to encourage yourself to sew more. If you have a problem with making too many clothes, perhaps it's not a good plan for you. So, when making your wardrobe guidelines, think about your motivation for starting this capsule wardrobe experiment in the first place. Are you trying to break a shopping addiction? Do you have a fabric-buying problem? Will this exception help you use up your fabric stash or give you an excuse to buy even more?

The rules are always up to you! Just be honest about what you're trying to accomplish, and don't let yourself cheat and ruin your goals. There's no reason to be unnecessarily strict with yourself, or to deprive yourself of the joy of dressing in clothes you love. We just want to remove the impulse shopping, the excess stuff, the unnecessary multiples, the time-wasters, the guilt-causing impulse purchases, and the things that don't fit. 

So, I am making a couple things right now, and I think I might rotate them in once they're finished. I'm thinking that I can swap them in, rather than increasing the total number of items. I want to sew more, so it's great if I have an added incentive to sew. My main motivation for trying out a capsule wardrobe is to have a manageable selection of things that fit and that I like and want to wear right now. So as long as I make things that fit and that I like, I think I'm still sticking to my goal. I don't have the free time to make a ton of clothes, so I doubt I'll go overboard. I'll keep you updated if I finish making anything else and decide to add it to my rotation.

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