Friday, October 3, 2014

Outfit 33/91: Polka Dot Shirt, Black Jeggings, Ahnu Shoes & Cat

My cat, whose name is Two, looks so handsome in this photo, I just couldn't crop him out. Plus, we're nicely coordinated today, don't you think?  

Over at, Courtney has issued a challenge: Using your capsule wardrobe, wear and share 33 different outfits for 33 days. It began on October 1st, so I'm a little late in writing about it, but I am doing it! It's surprisingly easy to create a lot of different outfits from a few items of clothing. I actually made a little chart so I can keep track of my outfits and try to avoid repeats. So far on this blog, I have shared 33 unique outfits, and I will keep coming up with new combinations through the end of Courtney's challenge - and hopefully for the full 91 days of the fall season. I think I can do it.

What about you? Would you try a capsule wardrobe just for 33 days? It could be fun, and interesting, and help you make your closet more streamlined and relevant (what do you want to wear right now, this season?). You don't even have to get rid of anything - just pack up the extra stuff, or designate a section of your closet for your capsule wardrobe and move everything else aside. But you might end up getting rid of some clothes that you don't wear or don't like. Why not jump in this weekend? You can start any time!

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