Saturday, October 4, 2014

Outfit 34/91: Red Chambray Shirt, Jeans, Chukka Boots

Red chambray shirt, jeans, and chukka boots.

Every month I seem to lose a couple pounds and things shift around and I can tell a difference in how my clothes fit. I think I'll go through my too-small clothes about once a month and see what I can get rid of and what can be moved into storage. It's nice to know what I have to work with. It's also tough to get rid of things if I can't really see how they fit, so until I reach my "normal" size, I'll probably have quite a bit of too-small stuff boxed up in my closet. Once it fits, I can tell if I like the way it fits.

Thinking about my upcoming winter capsule, I was planning to look for some long-sleeved shirts that fit well. I found some in my stored clothes that I think will work just fine. I'm still thinking of getting a new winter coat - I've been wearing mine for maybe 15 years and feel ready for a change. I'm also keeping an eye out for the perfect sweater dress. That might be all I want to buy for the next capsule, which is pretty awesome. 

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