Monday, October 6, 2014

Outfit 36/91: Black Tee, Jeans, Vans Chukkas, Scarf

Hmm, these jeans look a lot wider in the photo than when I look in the mirror. I think they might be too wide for my current taste. I used to love them before I got pregnant with my first baby, about 4.5 years ago! I also liked them before I got pregnant with my second baby, 2.25 years ago. But now maybe their time with me is ending. 

From this angle, they don't seem quite so wide. Still, they are on notice!

I sorted through my clothes last week and found some things to donate and one skirt to sell, plus a bunch of too-wide pants and jeans. I will try to alter some of the too-wide ones and let you know if I succeed or not. It's funny how much tastes can change over a few years! I did not think of any of those pants as being particularly wide-legged, but I guess I've gotten used to skinny jeans now. 

On the left are the clothes I'm donating. I'm going to try to sell the white skirt in the middle. The right-hand pile is things I'd like to alter. I'll give it a try. 

Also, you know in the movie Clueless, when Cher says she always takes a picture of her outfit because you can't trust mirrors? Well, now I get it! Some of my clothes look completely different when I look in a full-length mirror vs. seeing the photo from that same day. It's strange. 

I have a few tips to offer if you're going to sort through your own closet.

1. Try to do it without little kids helping. Mine were with me during my clean-out and it took SO long. They need something every few minutes, and they knock over piles of clothes, and they lay out puzzles right where I need to stand to see my reflection in the mirror. They add to the fun, but greatly increase the time investment.

2. If you can, get out EVERYTHING. Sort it by type of clothing, so you have a pile of shirts, and one of jeans, etc... This way, you can see how many items you have in each category. It makes it easier to get rid of a white shirt if you can see that you have two other, similar ones that you like better. You will probably never wear your third-favorite white shirt - you'll always choose your favorite or second-favorite. 

3. If you feel like you really have too much, keep going through it on a regular basis. You'll keep seeing those things that you think you should get rid of but can't quite do it - and know that you're still not wearing them. You'll get kind of tired of them and it will be easier to let them go. 

4. Make a little challenge for yourself: get rid of X number of items today. 

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