Tuesday, November 4, 2014

65/91: Black T-Shirt, Bird Skirt, Black Boots

Somehow I hadn't thought of putting this shirt and skirt together before, and I really like it. Too bad the shirt is wearing out so fast. The neckline is losing its shape, as you might be able to see in the photos. 

That's what $8 buys you. :)  It's a very inexpensive shirt from Old Navy, and I doubt I would love it forever, so I don't feel disappointed about it wearing out so fast. I feel like I got enough wear from it for the low price. When you buy a trendy, inexpensive piece it doesn't feel like a big loss if it wears out quickly. 

The problem is waste. I don't want to be throwing things into landfills. I always donate any clothes that are still wearable, but who knows if they really find someone to wear them. I'm wondering if I could make something else out of this shirt. Since the body of the shirt is fine (it's just the collar that's losing its shape), maybe I could re-use it. Could I add new binding around the neckline? Or I could cut out the front and make a cute pillow sham or something. I'll keep you updated if I'm able to upcycle this shirt!   

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