Thursday, November 13, 2014

74/91: Polka Dot Top, Denim Skirt, Leggings, Booties

For extra warmth during this extreme cold (it's -6 degrees this morning! Negative six! In November!), I need socks. Booties can look funny with socks because you can't hide the socks - they're such low-cut boots that everyone nearby can see down inside them. Today I'm trying out some white and pink boot socks, bunched down around my ankles. 

I read some online fashion advice against doing this, because the author thinks it makes your ankles look fat and your legs look stumpy. I dunno - I think it looks okay.  

I'll keep experimenting with socks and booties. Maybe a more monochromatic combo would look good? I definitely plan to wear warm leggings, sweater dresses, tunics, and boots all winter, and I'm going to need warm socks, too! My favorites are from Smartwool. They are warm, but not bulky (the thickness varies depending which weight you choose) and they are not scratchy or itchy at all. I hate itchy wool and do not wear it. I promise these socks are soft and comfortable.

If you aren't in an arctic blast and want some little socks that don't show with ankle boots, check out their "no shows" category for Hide and Seek or Sleuth socks. If you're on the cusp of two sizes, I recommend getting the smaller size. They'll stay on your feet better if they're a tighter fit. 

Who knew new boots would lead to sock research? 

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