Sunday, November 16, 2014

77/91: Jersey V-Neck, Grey Jeans, Vans Chukka Boots

I had a different helper for these photos. My daughter named our cat Two, because she was two years old. 

His middle name is Murray, and it is really funny to hear a now-almost-four-year-old and an almost two year-old calling, "Two Murray!, Hi Two Murray!" The vet was pretty perplexed by the name, especially since Two doesn't have my last name (I didn't change it when I got married, but the kids and the cat have my husband's last name).

Back to clothes-talk! These jeans have been much-loved, but they are getting a little too big in the waist and they tend to sag down. In high school, I often wore my jeans loose and saggy, but now I really don't like the feeling. So unless I fatten back up over Thanksgiving, I don't think these will make it into my winter capsule. I can probably add a belt and keep wearing them for the rest of the month, though. 

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