Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Winter Capsule for December and January 2014

Winter Capsule Tops 2014

Winter Capsule Shoes 2014

Winter Capsule Shoes 2014 by tonya-kitchel

Here it is! I'm so excited about my second capsule wardrobe. I think this one's going to work better than my first one. It feels easier in a way, because this season will be cold the whole time. Fall started out hot and ended up extremely cold, which was a challenge with a limited wardrobe. 

I'm changing up some of my rules this time. Here's what I'm doing:

* I'm using 50 items. Even though I know that 40 would be plenty, I had a really hard time choosing just 40 this time. For me, this experiment is not about depriving myself, but about enjoying and having fun with my clothes. Trying to cut it down further made me unhappy, so I'm just going with it and using 50 this time. 

* I'm going to use this capsule for just two months, December and January. In February, I can rotate in other clothes from my closet. I won't buy anything new, but I have some other clothes that I like that didn't fit in my 50-piece wardrobe. 

* If I manage to make time to sew any clothes, I can add them to my wardrobe. During the fall season, I only finished one skirt. I held a spot open for a dress - and I still haven't finished it! I don't expect this exception to add much to my wardrobe, but I'd like to sew more and this could be a good incentive. I can add an unlimited amount of homemade clothes. I hope, and have plans to add two dresses.

* Like last time, I didn't include workout clothes, pajamas, underthings, socks, scarves, hats, or gloves in my capsule wardrobe. 

* If clothes no longer fit or are ruined somehow, I can donate them or throw them out and put something else in their place. 

If you like anything that I chose, the links under the images take you to Polyvore. From there, you can go directly to each item. I linked to the exact item if it was still available; otherwise, I linked to a similar item. 

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