Monday, November 17, 2014

Winter Capsule Preview + Your Checklist + 78/91

 Tiger Tee, Leather Jacket, Black Jeggings, Ankle Booties 

Oops, left my phone in my pocket. 

Also, today I want to share my winter capsule plans so far. I picked up some new sweaters and sweater dresses, and I found lots of things in my closet that I want to wear again this year. I laid everything out on the floor so I could see what color schemes emerge, and make sure that it seemed to make sense. 

How about pixelating the photo, to see more of a color overview instead of individual pieces? 

I like it. And a bit more...


And then, it's very important to see how it looks as a heat map. 

Just kidding!

When looking at your laid-out wardrobe, if something really sticks out, ask yourself if you will get enough use out of it for it to deserve a spot in your wardrobe. Can it be part of a few outfits? Will you wear it at least twice a month? It's probably fine to have one or two special pieces that you won't wear often, but you don't want too many one-hit wonders taking up space in your wardrobe.

But...I am shopping for a holiday party outfit or two. I'm not sure what I'll end up with, but it might be an outfit that I only wear a few times. That's okay! I'm excited to attend and host a couple parties in December and it's worth it to have a great outfit or two and sacrifice those spots in my wardrobe.

You can print my working checklist for my winter capsule. It might be a starting point for you, if you are planning your own capsule. I live in Colorado and this fall is already exceptionally cold, so I want plenty of sweaters and sweater dresses for the winter. If you want more skirts or whatever, great! Just cross out something that you don't need. As long as you will have a cold winter where you live, I think you could adapt my plan to suit your needs. If you do, I'd love to see what you come up with! Here's mine:

Winter Capsule Plan


Sweaters: 8
Light Crew Neck
Dark Crew Neck
Light Turtleneck
Dark Turtleneck
Light Cardigan
Dark Cardigan

Shirts: 8
Light Long-Sleeved
Dark Long-Sleeved
Party Top

Pants: 7
Denim Jeggings
Black Jeggings
Skinny Cords
Skinny Jeans
Colored Jeans
Bootcut Jeans

Skirts: 2

Coats: 2
Dark Sweater
Light Sweater
Black Tall Boots
Brown Riding Boots
Tan Sheepskin Boots
Black Ankle Boots
Brown Ankle Boots
Metallic Ankle Boots
Lace-Up Sneakers
Slip-On Sneakers

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