Friday, December 12, 2014

12/62: Green Beaded Top, Black Cardigan, Black Skirt, Metallic Booties

Here's one of my holiday party outfits. Tonight Jason and I are going to a party at a museum, and I think this will be fancy enough. 

This top has bugle bead embellishments, and the scalloped bottom is so cute! But the top has a really boxy fit so the shape is more flattering on me when it's tucked in. Below, I gathered up the back and clipped it so I could see a more fitted shape - and I really like it. I might try to alter it so it fits better, but I'm a little scared of working with this material.

I have two ideas for altering this top. The first is to use a well-fitting shirt as a guide and re-sew the side seams to make a more fitted shape. The top just pulls on over my head, so I can't make it too fitted or I won't be able to get it on or off. I will only be able to take fabric off the back, since the beading goes all the way to the side seams.

The second idea is to use elastic thread to make some ruching in the back. This would make it nip in at the waist, but it would still stretch for putting it on and taking it off. I like how it looks when I gather it up with my hands or some clips, but I don't have experience with elastic thread, so I worry that I might ruin the shirt. 

I will let you know if I am brave enough to try one of these ideas this afternoon! Otherwise, I'll probably just tuck it in. :) 

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