Wednesday, December 17, 2014

17/62: Flannel Shirt, Skinny Jeans, Grey Frye Boots

Jeans and a flannel shirt - is this 1993? I think it's fun to dress pretty much how I did in high school. Though old photos show that the fit of my jeans was much different! They were higher waisted and shorter-hemmed. Not Michael-Jackson-floods-short, but do you remember when it used to be okay to see a bit of your socks between your jeans and shoes? 

In other news, I had been thinking about developing a capsule diet. I imagined choosing just a few different options for each meal, snacks, and desserts. Then I'd only eat those foods for a month.
*They'd be mostly healthy foods, so maybe I'd lose weight and feel more energetic. 
*I wouldn't have to think about what to cook, so I might save time and annoyance. 
*I'd plan it so that I'd use up extra ingredients and avoid wasting food, saving money.
*I don't mind eating the same things a lot, so I don't think I'd get too bored. 
*But, it's okay for food to be boring sometimes. It can remind us that eating is for nutrition, not just enjoyment, and sometimes I need that kind of reminder.
Well, I never got any farther with this idea, but today I saw that Courtney Carver is hosting a capsule kitchen challenge over on She's starting on January 2nd, and I think I will join. I may tweak her rules, or I may follow them exactly - I'll have to think about it a bit more. She's going to use 33 ingredients for 3 months. A list of ingredients gives more options than pre-chosen meals/recipes, so maybe I should follow her lead. 

Now, what else could we simplify with a capsule version?

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