Thursday, December 18, 2014

18/62: Red Ruffle Top, Green Cardigan, Grey Cords, Ankle Boots

Tucked in or untucked? I think I like it better untucked. Tonight is Violet's preschool holiday performance and party. I think this outfit is cheery, but still lets my toddler son climb all over me without ruining my pants (or a pair of tights or leggings).

Are you attending many parties this week? Do you have one party outfit in your capsule, or several? I'm liking that I have separates to mix together and make different outfits. 

Since we take a lot of photos this time of year, I like that I don't look the same at every event. I like that I can adjust for more formal or casual gatherings. And it's great to choose sturdier, easily washable pieces when the kids will be with me. Bodhi always wants me to hold him if there are strangers around, which means he'll probably be jumping on my lap, wiping food on me, and pulling on my hair and jewelry. I hope this top can withstand his attention!

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