Thursday, December 25, 2014

25/62: Black Tiered Top, Green Cardigan, Skinny Jeans, Moccasins

Merry Christmas! I spent the morning in pjs, but after a workout and shower, how about a simple outfit for relaxing around the house? We don't have to go out in the cold today, so I don't need warm socks and boots on. I like this with the belt, to help make it look like I have a waist. But it's a little more comfortable without it, so that's how I'm wearing it today. 

After all the shopping and wrapping and presents, it is SO appealing to clean up, purge the extra stuff that we don't need, and start the new year with a clean house and only the stuff that we really still want. I will try to get as much done as I can while Jason is off work. Maybe he can keep the kids busy while I clean and organize. 

One thing I am committing to for 2015 is reducing the amount of plastic toys coming into the house. I need to stay away from the dollar store, and probably quit looking at those Pinterest posts about activities and learning games for toddlers and preschoolers. We already have plenty of little items to sort, stack, and count and work on fine motor skills. We have tons of art supplies and play-doh. I think we could get through most of the year with plenty to do - without buying anything else.

I might have to start going shopping alone in the evenings or on the weekend, so the kids don't ask for more toys. It will be easier for me to resist if I only have to overcome my own habit of adding toys to the cart. Once it's my habit to only get what we need, the kids can go with me again. Has anyone else tried to change this habit? What worked for you?

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