Tuesday, December 2, 2014

2/62: Black T-Shirt, Batwing Cardigan, Grey Skinny Cords, Grey Boots

It's the second day with my winter capsule and I'm in greyscale (no surprise). I love this outfit for running errands and feeling cute while I'm out and about.

Today we've got to order a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles birthday cake, stop by the library, and do a preschool pickup. 

Then I might change into sweatpants to clean and organize before we have company this weekend. You probably don't need to see that. 

This morning we had the Vietnam Vets organization pick up a heap of donations. We said goodbye to our high chair, some large, loud, musical baby toys, the last of the baby bottles, and the clothes I'm ready to part with after completing my fall season. I added a few more when I was deciding what to use this winter. Jason filled a couple bags with unused clothes, too. 

It feels so good to let go of the things we don't need anymore, and to hope that they will find good homes elsewhere. I especially hope our old coats will be useful to others this winter. 

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