Friday, December 26, 2014

26/62: Black T-Shirt, Cocoon Sweater, Paris Skirt, Ankle Boots + 2015 Changes

Do you make New Years Resolutions? Are you thinking about any changes for 2015?

I'm thinking about concentrating on the word "Focus" in the coming year. I feel sort of scattered and chaotic and I'd like to feel less so. I used to be really good at multi-tasking, but now I can only really do two or three things at once. I'm tired and a lot of my brain is used up by my little kids. I still really want to accomplish as much as I used to, before I had kids. I know I can't, so I need to adjust my expectations even more than I already have. But also, if I focus in on just one or two things, I could finish those tasks or projects instead of putting in a few minutes each on a bunch of different things, leaving them all undone.

I want to start meditating regularly again. It's something that has been proven to improve focus, quiet down all that noise in the mind, and train your brain to focus better any time you need to. I have found it to be really useful for me in the past. 

I want to keep writing down my ideas in a notebook, but try to concentrate on finishing up things I've already started, or that I've already planned and bought supplies for. I want to set aside most of my new ideas - just for now - and finish what I've already begun. 

I think Focus will help me declutter my mind and my house. I'd love to sort through my whole house this year, making a decision about almost everything in it, and get rid of tons of things that we don't need. Then I want to keep it that way. I want to get control over that urge to shop and quit bringing in too much stuff.

Additionally, I want to do some of the normal New Years Resolutions: lose 10 pounds, gain back the muscle I had pre-pregnancies, eat a lot healthier, gain energy, look better, watch less tv, and walk every day. 

Do you have any resolutions or a focus for the new year? What are you trying to change or improve?   

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