Friday, December 5, 2014

5/62: Turtleneck Tunic, Grey Jeans, Grey Frye Boots

This sweater's color is described as "moss," and it has a little green tint to it, but it's pretty much grey. My current fave! I don't think I always loved grey, but the next time I look back at old photos, I'll be paying attention to what colors I've worn throughout my life. 

As a kid, I wore a lot of red and purple, which were each my favorite color for a time. Now I'd say my favorite color is blue, but I don't wear much blue, so is my favorite really grey? I painted some of the interior of my house grey. I even considered the name Grey for my son (it was totally nixed by Jason). 

Do you wear your favorite color a lot? Has it changed many times, or have you always liked the same color the best?

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