Monday, December 1, 2014

Winter Outfit 1/62: Geo Cardigan, T-shirt, Grey Jeans, Moccasins


I'm kicking off my winter capsule with a geometric print sweater, grey jeans, and some cute moccasins. I remember similar Minnetonka moccs from my childhood. Did everyone else have these as kids? Does every American kid love either cowboys or Native Americans at some point (and want to dress the part)?

Now let's look back at fall for a moment. I tallied up how many times I wore each item from my fall capsule. These were my most-used items:

Most-Used Items

Maroon Tee - 8 times
Ooh La La Tee - 7 times
Bird Hoodie - 7 times
Polka Dot Top - 6 times
Denim skirt - 16 times
Dark Grey Jeans - 13 times
Bootcut Jeans - 12 times
Black Jeggings - 10 times
Blue-Grey Jeans - 11 times
Frye Boots - 11 times
Chukka Boots - 14 times
Sandals - 10 times
Ankle Boots - 13 times

Even my most-used items were only used about once a week, on average. Dressing with a capsule wardrobe does not mean you have to wear the same thing every day.

My least-worn items included a lovely grey sweater that leaves fuzz all over everything it touches, a white shirt that got a stain early into the season, a navy shirt that wasn't very flattering, and a pair of shorts. I don't feel like there's any big lesson to learn from those pieces. Those clothes didn't work for various reasons; there was no common theme. 

I like my rule of being able to swap out clothes if they're ruined or if I decide to donate them. I did make use of that rule several times, and I think I'll keep it in the future. It didn't have any ill effects for me, like throwing out my whole wardrobe mid-season and buying all new clothes.

Counting my swapped items, I ended up using 47 total pieces during the three months. When I created my outfits, I kept track of the swapped items as if they were still the originals, so that I really was making unique outfits out of 40 pieces. In other words, I could have made 91 unique outfits even if I hadn't swapped any clothes mid-season. 

I had one spot that never got filled! I saved it for a dress that I am making. It's a black and white jersey dress, and I started sewing it months ago, and it's still not finished. It looks pretty cute, and I still plan to finish it. It would have been great in the fall! Maybe I'll be able to share it soon. My rule this season is that I can add in an unlimited number of homemade items. I predict that I'll only make two things: that same jersey dress and a tunic. But maybe I'll surprise myself and make a whole bunch of new clothes.

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