Sunday, December 14, 2014

Winter Outfits 13 & 14: More Holiday Party Looks

Saturday, I stayed in lounge clothes for most of the day, and today I had on my workout clothes for quite a while before I made it to the basement. That's kind of boring, so let's look at more holiday party outfits that I can make with my winter capsule. First is a tiered chiffon tank top with a faux leather skirt. The long sweater keeps the skirt from being too hoochie for me - it's a very form-fitting skirt. A longer or looser top can help balance it out.  

I think the pattern in the tights is fun, and it adds more texture to this outfit. There are several different textures going on, but since there are only three colors and two are neutrals, it doesn't seem too busy for me. 

This second outfit includes a red ruffled top, black cardigan, and pleated midi skirt. With the cardigan on, I might fit in at a librarian party! I'm still deciding if I like this length of skirt on me. There's no doubt that I love the bright red shirt. It's Christmas-y and cheery. 

I'm having fun putting together these fancier looks, so I will probably do a few more this month. I usually dress very casually, so it's a treat to dress up once in a while.

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