Thursday, January 1, 2015

32/62: Black T-Shirt, Cocoon Sweater, Galaxy Skirt, Zipper Boots + Capsule Kitchen Day 1

This skirt from Modcloth has so many different colors in it, I think it can go with anything. I like the burgundy tights here, brightening up all the black and charcoal.

Today is my first day using my Capsule Kitchen plan and it is going great. I had:
Berries, yogurt, and almond bread (here's the recipe). 
Red lentil soup
Roasted chickpeas
Chicken lettuce wraps
A piece of almond bread for dessert

What I hope to accomplish with the plan:

* Have more energy! Cutting out the processed foods and sugar, while eating lots of vegetables and fruits makes such a difference for me. The other huge part of this equation is getting 8 hours of sleep a night. I'm really bad about going to bed when I should. Once the kids are asleep, I want to stay up as long as I can to write, read, sew, make things, watch tv, etc... But I pay a heavy price the next day. My memory suffers, I'm clumsy, I lack patience, and I want to eat sugar and drink caffeine to feel awake. 

* Change my body composition. I'd like to lose some body fat and add some muscle. Both of these are much easier to accomplish with proper nutrition (and sleep!). 

* Break my sugar addiction. I feel so much better when I eat less sugar. My moods are more stable, I'm more reasonable and I'm happier. I also feel powerful when I decide what I'm going to eat, instead of being controlled by cravings. 

Are you trying this capsule kitchen idea? As with anything, you could tweak it to suit your needs. I considered choosing certain recipes instead of ingredients, or using a different number of ingredients. You could change your list of ingredients every month or two, instead of every three months. There are tons of possible ways to make it your own, if the idea sparks something in you but isn't an exact fit. 

See all of Courtney Carver's guidelines here if you want to join in. 

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