Friday, January 2, 2015

33/62: Wine Shirt, Tulip-Back Skirt, Ankle Boots

I'm loving these booties. They're Lucky Brand Bartalino, and I got them for Christmas. Jason was surprised to see what he bought me. Ha ha. I got them from Nordstrom, if you want a pair, too.

I love the zipper going all the way around the top, and the texture on the back. They're not too high heeled for me. I just think they're super cute. 

Today I continued my Capsule Kitchen challenge. I ate:
Chopped apples, avocado, nuts, hemp hearts, shredded coconut, and almond milk
Curry chicken salad (with avocado instead of mayo) on lettuce
Banana and nuts
Chicken tortilla soup

I do want to eat chocolate chip cookies, but it's not an overwhelming craving. Hopefully it will pass after a few more days. Sugar is so tough for me to give up!

On the decluttering front, I've gotten rid of a few things as I put away our Christmas decorations. I also went through our toy room and packed up several boxes of things to donate. I still need to go through Violet's room, preferably when she's not in there getting everything out and shouting, "Don't donate that! It's my favorite!" I think Bodhi's toys are managed but there are a bunch of outgrown clothes in his drawers. He had a growth spurt and seems tall now. 

See you on Monday! I want to have my review of Marie Kondo's book for you: The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up