Friday, January 9, 2015

39/62: Flannel Shirt, Jeans, Black Booties


Hey! Sorry I forgot to post last night. I was so excited that Project Runway Allstars and Portlandia were on, and I was obsessed with learning a new knitting technique. I stayed up too late and as I was finally falling asleep, I remembered that I hadn't posted. Too late. I was beat and had to go to sleep.

Yesterday I wore a simple, comfortable flannel shirt and jeans. That kind of outfit could be really sloppy looking, if the clothes were too baggy. My look is definitely casual, but I don't think it looks slobby. 

Capsule Kitchen update for yesterday: not so good. You guys, I have got to do better at planning ahead. When I know what I'm going to have for each meal (or only have a couple options), it's way easier for me to stick to it. This capsule diet should be limiting my options and helping me in just the way I need - except that my family still has food around that's not on my list. And my kids don't care that I'm trying to prepare a healthy lunch - they need me NOW! If I get too hungry, I might just grab whatever is easiest, like crackers or tortilla chips. 

So my plan is to plan. I need to commit the time to plan out meals and snacks and try to figure out how to get my family on board. It would be great for all of us to eat healthier foods most of the time. I think I'll make a list of foods that my kids already love that are on MY list, and then keep trying to get them to like the rest of my choices. It's so easy to just give in and let them eat what they want - sometimes I get tired and want to take the easy way out. But I'm sure it's worth it to stay strong and keep encouraging them to eat more healthy stuff. 

Anyone have any tips for getting kids to eat more vegetables?

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