Tuesday, January 13, 2015

44/62: The Evolution of an Outfit. White Button-Down Shirt, Midi Skirt, Boots

I've seen some photos of great outfits involving a midi skirt and then a loose shirt on top. I decided to try to emulate them, and here was my starting point:  

Uh, frumpy, dowdy, blocky, maybe? This wasn't quite right.

I added a belt to create a waistline, and I think it helped a lot! 

It was just kind of heavy on the bottom half, so I changed into short boots instead of tall ones, and now I think this is a cute outfit.

Next time I might try adding some color. Sometimes I think black and white alone can look a little like a waiter's uniform, but a splash of color can fix that. Maybe a colored belt or a scarf? (And I just had a funny vision of adding some crazy, bright, patchwork vest, which is totally not my style, and it made me guffaw out loud!) 

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