Thursday, January 15, 2015

46/62: Striped Sweater Dress, Grey Leggings, Grey Frye Boots

Today's outfit = true love. I'm so happy with all these pieces. The sweater dress is from Old Navy and the fleece-lined tights are from Walmart. Those two were inexpensive and absolutely worth their cost. The boots are in the "investment piece" category for me, but I think they will last for decades and I foresee wearing them many, many times. All around, I think the cost-per-wear on this outfit will be quite low. 

A low cost-per-wear is a goal of mine for almost all of my clothes. I'd love to get good at choosing clothing so that I end up getting a lot of use out of almost everything I buy. I think it's okay if there are a few things that I only wear occasionally - maybe very dressy clothes, or an interview suit. But I don't want to have many things that I almost never wear. I don't need them taking up space in my closet or in my heart.

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