Thursday, January 29, 2015

60/62: Grey Crewneck Sweater, Jeans, Riding Boots

I'm mixing brown, black, blue, and grey - the color rules of my youth are all being broken. This feels fine to me, probably because the brown and black are separated by my jeans.

My first winter capsule is wrapping up already! I will finalize my next selection this weekend, or maybe tomorrow. I think it will look like a lot like this capsule, but without the holiday clothes. I will probably trade in some different sweaters from my closet, and take out some shoes. There are just too many shoes in this capsule (can you believe that? I cannot.) The other day my daughter was in my closet and she asked me if I'm going to donate some of my shoes. My first reaction was, "Are you crazy?" but then I looked at them and said, "Yeah, maybe." There are some that I've hardly worn, and some that I used to wear but not for a long time. I might be able to send a few pairs off to find their destiny.

I've been looking a bit at clothes for spring, which is fun. New colors! Imagining sunshine and playing outside! As I find things I like, I'm realizing that I already have something similar. That's pretty cool, and might mean that I won't buy much at all. My hope is that after I do this experiment for a whole year, I'll have that experience every season: I'll already have what I want.

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