Friday, January 30, 2015

Winter Capsule Part 2: February and March 2015 + Outfit 61/62

Today I chose my next wardrobe, the one that I'll wear in February and March. The above photo is everything laid out on my bed (except for one shirt, which was in the washing machine). 

I had been thinking about what to choose for a while, and making a list and crossing things off. I looked back at what I had worn the most in December and January. And today I actually got out all the clothes that were contenders for this wardrobe and just laid them out on my bed. I was certain about including some things, and some had to be debated a bit. 

I saved sweaters for last, since they often layer over the rest of the clothes. I looked at what I had so far, what colors I was using, what sorts of things I had chosen, and used that to help me choose which sweaters I wanted. I had several more that I would have included if I'd had room, but I know I have more than enough here. Some of these sweaters, I've had for years, and I think they'll last for a lot longer. I think this category of clothing is one where I already have beloved picks that I will use long-term. I can't see a need to buy anything new when I already love what I have - yay!

Shirts and pants - not the same story. I don't have many of either that I think I'll be wearing for years to come. Those categories can be improved as time goes on - or maybe will always be pieces that need to be replaced after a few years. 

I am noticing something pretty cool right now. As I look at clothes for spring, a lot of the things that I like in stores resemble things I already have in my closet! I would love for that to happen every season. I can be inspired by looking at new fashion, but realize that the things that I like (and would actually wear) are just like what I already have. I can just shop my own closet and still feel like I'm wearing current clothes. 

It probably helps that I don't often love the trendiest clothes - those tend to go out of style really quickly. I guess the things that I like are either bland enough to avoid going out of style quickly, or else they're more classic styles that last longer. 

I made my list in Google Docs so you could use mine as a starting point if you want. Just save and edit the doc to fill in your own color/shape/style choices. Here is the link.

Winter Capsule Part 2: February and March 2015
White t-shirt
Black t-shirt
White button-down
Red tunic
Blue t-shirt
Navy & white striped t-shirt
Octopus shirt
Desert shirt
Flannel shirt
Wine t-shirt

Snakeskin top
Black & white tunic
Black pinstripe pants
Boyfriend jeans
Distressed skinny jeans
Dark skinny jeans
Black skinny jeans
Straight leg jeans
Black & white batwing cardigan
Green cardigan
Ivory cardigan
Charcoal hooded cardigan
Grey button cardigan
Black boyfriend cardigan
Black crewneck
Olive crewneck
Grey & white crewneck
Cream turtleneck
Black moccasins
Chevron Vans
Sk8-hi Vans
Orange Converse
Black zipper booties
Black fringed booties
Grey Frye boots
Tan Frye boots
Tan moccasin boots
Brown riding boots
Black & white striped sweater
Black & white marled sweater
Red paisley
Red A-line


I chose 40 pieces, plus I get to add in anything I made myself. There are two tops and one skirt that are finished, and one skirt still needs the waistband added and the bottom hemmed. I get to use four extra pieces and I have the incentive to sew more and add even more variety to my wardrobe. 

I have a lot of black and white again, and a lot of grey. But I also have five red or wine items, two bright blue shirts, and two green sweaters. Color! 

Do you remember me saying that I might reduce the number of shoes I include? You do? Darn. Well, I tried to, but I really wanted all ten pairs that I have in my list above. I tried to imagine substituting one pair of boots for another in different outfits, and they just didn't work as well. Since my capsule wardrobe experiment is about having fun, I'm just going with it. I didn't buy any new shoes, so it doesn't do any harm to use the ones I already have. 

And here's today's outfit (61/62):

 White Button-Down Shirt, Geo Sweater, Light Grey Jeans, Grey Frye Boots. 

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