Tuesday, February 10, 2015

10/59: Blue T-Shirt, Ivory Cardigan, Boyfriend Jeans, Vans Sk8-His

I love the color of this t-shirt and my kids love the octopus, so it's doubly good. Layering is working great for me right now. It's cold in the mornings, but if you can get into the sun in the afternoons, it's actually warm. I expect it to be frigidly cold and snowy again before spring really arrives, but I do remember a very warm March that never cooled off. It was when I was pregnant and the heat made me throw up or almost pass out, from March until October! I'm so glad all that morning sickness and other side effects are over for me. 

Yesterday I mentioned that I would try to waste less time on the internet and spend that time on exercise instead. And I did! I fit in 30 minutes of Pilates today. I'll try to keep it up tomorrow. It would be great to break the habit of looking at my phone every few minutes. Think of what I could do if I used all those little phone-breaks to do something productive! Let's find out.

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