Wednesday, February 11, 2015

11/59: Black T-Shirt, Black Cardigan, Pinstripe Pants, Fringe Ankle Boots + Pants and Skirts

This combo feels very me, even though I haven't worn these pants for a few years. A casual t-shirt matched with less casual pants is kind of fun and irreverent. And it makes use of these pants that have been just hanging around in my closet, wondering if I'll ever go work in an office again.

Below are my pants and skirts for this capsule. 

Pants and Skirts for a Winter Capsule

Pants and Skirts for a Winter Capsule by tonya-kitchel 

Those pinstripe pants are similar to mine, which came from Old Navy several years ago. I made two of the skirts, so they are freebies for me and don't count in my 40-item guideline - yay! 

Today I was able to put down my phone long enough to fit in half an hour of cardio. This shift in thinking about how I spend my time is working. I can improve a lot more - and fit in more of what I really want to do. 

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