Saturday, February 14, 2015

13/59: Snake T-Shirt, Red Skirt, Grey Fryes

Check it out: I'm finally wearing this skirt with a different top! I love it with an ivory sweater, and that's my go-to combination, but I like this, too. 

First I tried it with the shirt tucked in, but it felt sort of 1970s leotard-under-a-skirt. I didn't like it.

I much prefer it untucked. It still has a slim contour since the shirt is fitted.

Did anything freaky happen to you today? It's Friday the 13th! Here, nothing exciting happened. I'm a little scared, though. I started eating gluten again after a few weeks off, and I felt sick and now I have a headache. I love bread and do not want to have a gluten sensitivity, so I'm hoping that I'm just sick - isn't that the weirdest thing to hope for? I will be testing it more before I decide to go gluten-free long-term. I will not give up my baked goods easily.

Have a happy Valentine's Day! 

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