Wednesday, February 18, 2015

18/59: Wine T-Shirt, Pinstripe Pants, Moccasins + Finding Joy in Your Wardrobe

This outfit is slouchy and comfortable, but not slobby. That's my sweet spot. I love looking at least somewhat put-together, while feeling like I'm wearing pajamas. 

Now, let's talk about decluttering. As I ever-so-slowly make my way through my house, selecting things to donate, I try to think about a tip from Marie Kondo. (Here's my review of her book). Kondo's decluttering strategy is based on holding each item in your hands and seeing if it brings you joy. If it doesn't, get rid of it. 

This is a great technique for creating your capsule, as well. If there's something that you think you should include, but it doesn't bring you joy, forget it! 

Bloggers or a magazine article might recommend having certain pieces in your wardrobe. They might claim that you must. have. certain items. But you might not want a tan trench coat. You might hate ankle boots. You might look terrible in fedoras! Your capsule is for you, and it has to suit you perfectly - not anyone else. Everything in it has to bring you joy to make the cut. 

Of course it's great to get inspiration from others who are using capsule wardrobes. It's also smart to consider the frequent capsule-building advice to include some basics that are really versatile - because those clothes will be really useful for most people. But there are always exceptions, and you should absolutely wear the clothes that work for you, your style, and your life - and those that bring you joy!  

So if you try on this season's must-have jeans and you don't feel joyful about them, leave them at the store. If there's stuff in your closet that you feel obligated to keep or wear, but it doesn't bring you joy, pack it up! Some things have sentimental value and you might want to store them forever, but for everything else, consider getting rid of whatever doesn't bring you joy. 

P.S. I looked at my leather shoe protector spray, and it does not require ventilation or hiding from my kids. I don't have to haul all my shoes downstairs and outside - I'll just spray them in the bathroom so I don't get anything on the carpet. I could have taken care of my shoes and boots easily, months ago. So my lesson of the day is: if I think something is going to be a pain, look into it! Maybe it will be easier than I think. If not, at least I'll know what to expect and be able to make a strategy to tackle the chore.  

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