Monday, February 2, 2015

2/59: Grey and White Striped Sweater, Distressed Jeans, Tan Fryes

I like this longer sweater length. It's not quite a tunic, but it will never pull up and show my stomach or back. I like the shape that it makes over skinny jeans, and I can bunch it up a little to help hide love handles or a big meal. 

I got this one a few years ago and just brought it out of my closet for this capsule. 

In other news, yesterday I started my month of Not Buying It, inspired by this book. I'm only going to buy necessities, which should be just groceries. I will try to shop by myself instead of taking the kids with me, and follow my shopping list without adding impulse buys. 

I'm planning a couple exceptions:

1. Once a week, I buy the kids a treat, usually a cakepop from Starbucks. I'll keep up that fun tradition for them, but I won't get myself anything this month. Sometimes I would get a latte or a mocha, but this month I will only drink coffee at home. 

2. I might take the kids to fun places like the zoo or a museum, if we are invited to meet friends there or just decide we want to go. We can pay an entrance fee a couple times this month (but we'll bring our own lunch or snacks). 

I think that's it! So far I've been deleting all sales emails so I'm not tempted by great deals. I went grocery shopping on Saturday so I won't need to buy much for a week or so. 

I hope to break my habit of impulse buying and be more thoughtful about even small purchases. It all adds up. Wish me luck!

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