Wednesday, February 4, 2015

The shoes of Winter Capsule part 2 - February and March 2015 + Oufit 4/59

Shoes - Winter 2015

Shoes - Winter 2015 by tonya-kitchel 

For this capsule, I didn't buy any new shoes. Those tall brown ones in the lower right hand corner are not the ones I have, but are similar. Mine are several year old, from J. Crew. 

I'm not sure how much use I'll get from the moccasins, but the weather has been so changeable, it seemed worth it to include them. Today it is snowing and 25 degrees, but on Friday it might be almost 70 degrees! 

I love slip-on shoes and have noticed how much I wear them. They're so easy if we're running late or if I just need to take out the trash. Now the kids and I all have easy-on shoes (theirs often have velcro closures). I'm thinking about adding these in the spring: 

I like them in navy, white, or black. We'll see if I still like them in a couple months, but they seem perfect for me, my style, and my desire for slip-on shoes. 

And today's outfit:

Long green sweater, jeans, and riding boots. Today we are mostly hanging around inside since it's so cold and snowy out. We don't have any obligations and my little guy has a cold, so it's a perfect day for watching a movie by the fireplace.

I can hear little voices planning a pretend birthday party (possibly for Mr. Potato Head). Sounds fun; I better go check it out!

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