Friday, February 6, 2015

Tops and Dresses - Winter 2015 + Outfit 6/59

Tops and Dresses - Winter 2015

Tops and Dresses - Winter 2015 by tonya-kitchel 

These are my tops and dresses for Winter Capsule Part 2: February and March, 2015. I sewed three of the shirts, so they are free add-ons that don't count as part of my 40-piece limit. There's plenty of black, white, and grey, but there's also blue, red, and green. I think there's a good variety of colors, shapes, and styles. 

This is my favorite capsule so far. I think I'm getting better at putting them together, and I expect it to get easier and more fun each season. Many pieces will likely be used again, the next time the appropriate season comes around again. After putting clothes away in storage for a while, they feel fresh and inviting again (almost like buying something new, except I've already road-tested it and know that I love it). Having those old favorites is a great base and a great shortcut for putting together a capsule wardrobe. I'll keep learning what my style is and what really works for my lifestyle, and that should make it easier, too.

And today's outfit:

Black crewneck sweater, bird skirt, and zippered booties. I love the shape of this outfit. This skirt is just right - because I made it for myself! I love that I could whip up another one in a different color if I want to, and it would fit me just right. Oh wait, I already made another one!

Have a great weekend!

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