Friday, March 13, 2015

41/59: Fix the Outfit: Red Tunic over Snake Top, Jeans, Zip Boots

Here's another experimental outfit. Above is the first try. I thought the striped shirt had too high of a neckline. Below, I tried my snake-print top as the base layer, which has a little lower neckline, and I think it looks much better. 

I also traded the straight-legged jeans for skinny jeans, and I think the proportions are better with the flowy tunic. I think it's great to play around with proportions and see what suits you best. It makes it a lot quicker to put an outfit together if you already know that you like to pair certain shapes.

Then, when you have extra time to play dress-up, try out some other combinations. Our tastes change over time so don't get stuck thinking you can only wear certain silhouettes -- you might discover more options if you give them a try.  

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