Tuesday, March 24, 2015

April Capsule Wardrobe

It's time for new clothes! Hurray!

I told you yesterday that I decided to choose twenty pieces for this month, to rotate in with my winter capsule. I learned a lesson in September, when I made my first capsule wardrobe: months with big temperature swings can be tough with a small wardrobe. It's not as enjoyable for me to dress with a capsule wardrobe if I don't have everything I need. In September, I didn't include enough shorts or t-shirts since I was thinking more about October and November being cold. There were a lot of hot days in September, and it was pretty challenging to stick to my commitment to only wear what was in my capsule. I don't want this to be hard! I want it to make life easier.

This spring, I'm going to switch over more gradually from my winter clothes to my spring clothes. It makes sense for me to start wearing warm-weather clothes when the weather changes, rather than being tied to a certain date. I think this will work a lot better for me, and help me to feel happy with my wardrobe. I'm not buying extra things, I'm just keeping more in my closet until the weather settles into spring. 

So here are my 20 pieces, in a breezy photo shoot:

I'm adding three pairs of shoes: black leather espadrilles, white slip-on Converse, and Naot sandals (from a few years ago). 

Here's the breezy part - it was windy today! Here are a kimono shirt and a jersey dress (from Boden a few years ago). 

A grey and white tunic from Boden, a cream shirt from Old Navy, and a black and white tank top from Old Navy (all from past seasons).

A blue top from Modcloth, a colorful tunic from Boden, and a blue and white striped t-shirt from the Gap (all from past seasons).

A grey button-down shirt from Old Navy, a black and white polka dot top from Boden (both older), and a swingy black tank top from Old Navy

I got both of these sweaters on sale at Boden: a grey crewneck and a blue retro sweater.

And finally, some shorts and lightweight pants. These were all bought in past years: distressed jean shorts from Old Navy, green pants from the Gap, cuffed cropped jeans from Apt 9, and grey shorts from Old Navy.

I'm excited to add some "new" clothes to my wardrobe, even though most of them came out of a box in my closet. It's still fun to see them again after they've been packed away. Are you getting out your spring clothes yet? What are you buying or considering for spring?