Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Outfit 45/59: Cream Sweater, Ladybug Skirt, Grey Fryes

It cooled off again, so I wore a sweater today - well, in the morning, anyway. Thursday it might snow, so I can bundle up one more (last?) time. I feel excited for spring and for different clothes, but I also think I'm going to miss my cozy sweaters. I know I'll be glad to see this cream turtleneck again in the fall. 

I'll probably put these boots away for six months, too, and I know I'll be excited to get them out again. That's a great benefit of packing away your out-of-season clothes: when the time comes to unpack them, you're so happy to see your old favorites! It's definitely as good as buying new stuff. You already know that you love these pieces, they fit, they don't ride up or shift around or wrinkle too much. There won't be any bad surprises the first time you wear them all day long. The clothes you keep are the ones that work. 

If something doesn't work really well, if you don't think you'll be excited to see it again next year, maybe it shouldn't be in your closet. That's one thing I'll be thinking about as I put away my winter things and replace them with spring clothes. I know I'll also be asking Marie Kondo's big question, "does it bring me joy?" If not, I'll donate it. I want to open the box of cold-weather clothes and feel happy about everything in it, and not think, "oh, are you still here?" 

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