Monday, March 9, 2015

Outfits 35, 36, and 37/59

Outfit 35/59 is a Fix the Outfit: Black and White Tunic, Black and White Cardigan, Black Jeggings, Moccasins. On the left was my first try with this sweater and tunic together. I thought the loose top and loose pants were too big together. On the right, I matched the same tops with black jeggings, and I like the proportions a lot more. 

Outfit 36/59: Green Cardigan, White T-Shirt, Bird Skirt, Fringe Boots. 

Outfit 37/59 is another Fix the Outfit: Grey Striped Sweater, Ladybug Skirt, Zip Boots. On the left, I tried some pattern mixing and I did not like the result at all. The shape of the shirt's hem is not right with the skirt. I think the tights and boots make my legs look choppy. On the right, my striped sweater has a better shape than the t-shirt. I much prefer the look of the black tights and ankle boots - the matching pieces are elongating and also the height of the boots works better with the length of the skirt.  

I'm going to do some more of these before-and-after outfits. I also think it's fun to first try any crazy combination and then try to refine it and make it into a wearable, flattering outfit. It's nice to see more possibilities from a capsule wardrobe -- you don't have to wear the same few outfits all the time. 

If you want to see all of my experiments with mixing and matching, check out this post.

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