Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Outfit 1/30: Blue Sweater, Jeans & Riding Boots

Happy April Fool's Day! Did you play any tricks? I just put food coloring in our milk to surprise the kids. They thought that was fun, but I think next year I'll plan ahead and do something bigger. 

I'm so happy with my plan to gradually switch from my winter clothes to my spring clothes! Earlier in the week it was warm - in the 70s, and tomorrow the high is expected to be 41!! We might get six inches of snow. Are you kidding me? I hope all my tulips don't get frozen like last year. Anyway, I'm glad I have clothes available (and feel free to use them) to suit these wild changes in temperature. 

I also think that it's more sustainable for me long-term. It feels a lot more natural to me to switch as the weather changes, rather than forcing myself to wear a certain array of clothes until a particular date. I'll just have to see how this capsule wardrobe experiment evolves for me. So far, so good!