Friday, April 3, 2015

Outfits 2 & 3/31

Outfit 2/31: Cream Top, Green Cardigan, Straight Jeans & White Converse

Outfit 3/31: Polka Dot Top, Jeans & Grey Frye Boots

I've been tracking my sleep, using a fitbit charge HR. It's a pedometer bracelet that you can wear all day and all night (not in the shower). It tracks your heart rate and determines when you are asleep, how many times you were restless, and how many times you were awoken. When my husband took the kids out of town for a weekend, I woke up only once or twice each night. With them at home, I wake up about 15 times a night!

My fitbit is showing that my average amount of sleep is only 6 hours and 55 minutes. I'd like to increase that by a full hour, so that is my goal. I'll go from there to see if I want to try to sleep more than eight hours a night. For now, I think adding one hour would make a big difference for me. 

I hope you have a great weekend! We will be hunting for Easter eggs at least twice. Are you doing anything fun? 

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