Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Outfits 28 & 29/30

28/30: Jersey dress and espadrilles. This dress is a few years old, but Boden keeps making them in different patterns each year. They're so easy to wear, they don't wrinkle, and they don't cling or show off bumps or underwear lines. That's pretty much perfect.

29/30: Navy striped t-shirt, grey shorts, and orange Converse. Here's a twist on my uniform of jeans and a t-shirt, with a slightly different silhouette. Simple, but good.

Yikes, you guys. I still haven't figured out my capsule wardrobe for the next couple months. I think I'll go work on it right now. I'll try to time it so I can tell you how long it takes me! I bet it will go much faster than my previous capsules. I don't plan on buying anything, so I don't have to research or shop. I bought two sweaters and two pairs of shoes (am I forgetting anything?) about a month ago and I think I have everything I need. What a great feeling! Shopping, comparing and debating what to buy can use up as much time as you have, so it's great to cut out that step this time.