Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Weekend Outfits: 4 & 5/30

How was your weekend? (Yes, I know it's Tuesday already.) My weekend clothes are pretty much the same as my weekday clothes - one of the benefits of not working somewhere with a dress code. But, the constant casualness is also one of the results of rarely dressing up to go out on Saturday nights. When I was in high school and in my 20s, I always wanted to go out on the weekends. Now, I'm pretty content to stay in most nights. As my kids get older, I feel a little more pull to get out and socialize, see bands, eat at nicer restaurants, and I'm currently wondering if I could find a way to see David Sedaris perform next month. 

Different activities can call for different wardrobe elements, so I'll be thinking about that as I decide what to include for the rest of spring. This blue sweater could go a lot of places. It's not too fancy for everyday wear, but could look really nice with the right skirt or pants, shoes, purse, and a real watch instead of my fitbit. :) 

Outfit 4/30: Blue sweater, straight jeans, and white Converse.

Outfit 5/30: Flowered tunic, leggings, and black leather espadrilles. 

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